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Welcome to the Department of Integrative Biology

We are a diverse biology department dedicated to excellence in research and scholarship. Our department consists of full-time faculty who lead research in three overlapping themes, including comparative animal physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology.

Our comprehensive undergraduate program prepares students for a wide range of career options, including opportunities in business, medicine and biotechnology, industry, environmental management and conservation, research and education. We believe that integration of knowledge across levels of biological complexity is required for addressing many of today’s pressing societal challenges.

Departmental News & Events

  • The Department welcomes Dr. T. Bowyer, Idaho State University, who will present “Metrics of predation: Perils of predatory-prey ratios” on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 2:00 pm in SSC 1511.
  • The Dept. of Integrative Biology Undergraduate Liaison Committee is having a photography competition. They are accepting photos until October 31st. Submission categories include: animals, plants, landscapes and students in the field. Please send submissions to: Maximum of 4 submissions per person.
  • Dr. Alex Smith and his Ants Go Marching in Costa Rica
  • Guelph Profs. Making Headlines, including Dr. Ryan Gregory
  • Dr. Ryan Norris is Elected to New Royal Society College. Congratulations Ryan!!!
  • B.Sc. student, Justine Ammendolia featured in @Guelph
  • Five Integrative Biology Professors Receive Grants from NSERC. Congratulations to Cortland Griswold, Frederic Laberge, Kevin McCann, Amy Newman and Beren Robinson.
  • Integrative Biology Ph.D. Student, Amanda Naaum will be presented The Forster Medal at Convocation, University of Guelph's top award for Graduate Students. Congratulations Amanda!!!
  • IB Prof. Kevin McCann in New York Times, is involved in a project to save a threatened ecosystem in Cambodia.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Glen Van Der Kraak on winning the F.E.J. Fry Medal at the recent CSZ Conference held in Montreal. His Plenary Talk was entitled "The sex lives of fish: Science, policy and beyond". Congratulations Glen!!!
  • Dr. Ryan Norris and post-doc Tyler Flockhart's study finds that habitat loss on breeding grounds is the cause of monarch decline.
  • The Department would like to congratulate Jennifer Bernard, the recipient of the Middleton Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for the 2013-14 academic year. Congratulations Jennifer!!
  • OE3C 2014 Announces Student Award Winners for Best Graduate Poster - Lisa Ledger, IB grad student, Best Undergraduate Talk - First Place - Ruth Rivkin, Second Place - Ken Thompson. Congratulations everyone!!!
  • Congratulations to Jordan Klaiman, former IB graduate student, who has been awarded a 2-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. He will be a Post-Doc at the University of Washington.
  • The Department of Integrative Biology announces that funds are available for another round of Ph.D. Awards
  • Dr. Merritt Turetsky's study states that Wetlands Likely to Blame for Greenhouse Gas Increases
  • Dr. Doug Fudge is featured in the latest issue of National Geographic discussing hagfish protein threads.
  • Congratulations to 4th yr. student, Kenneth Thompson for receiving the award for Best Oral Presentation at Ontario Biology Day. Great work Ken!!
  • Dr. Doug Fudge and his research group Solves Part of Hagfish Slime Mystery
  • Congratulations to Dr. Alex Smith for winning an Early Researcher Award
  • Nominations are now being accepted for the Middleton Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. This award is for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant.
  • Dr. Todd Gillis was interviewed by the Toronto Star discussing climate change on animals.
  • Not cold enough? Follow Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs students on an Arctic or Antarctic Cruise.
  • Dr. Vernon Thomas on the environmental impacts of lead shot in the Olympics.
  • Dr. Nick Bernier on Winning Synergy Team
  • IB Graduate Student Kelly Hadfield Aims to Improve Life on Earth is featured in @Guelph.
  • IB Profs on As It Happens and Dr. Oz Show
  • Dr. Jinzhong Fu and grad student Cameron Hudson solves the mystery: Why a toad grows a moustache!!! and are featured in the Toronto Star
  • Dr. Steve Newmaster featured on the Dr. Oz Show
  • Dr. Steve Newmaster's DNA Barcoding Study featured in the New York Times.
  • Dr. Fred Laberge and science graduate Eric To featured in @Guelph
  • Dr. Steven Newmaster discusses his Study on Herbal Products and DNA Barcoding Study
  • Dr. Kevin McCann and colleagues Receive Grant to Study one of the World's Largest Fisheries
  • Dr. Ryan Norris featured in
  • Dr. Kevin McCann and Dr. Paul Hebert are the Guelph Team Shortlisted in CIFAR Call for Ideas
  • Dr. Kevin McCann and fellow biologists featured in @Guelph
  • Dr. Ryan Norris and Ph.D. student Tyler Flockhart featured in @Guelph
  • IB Graduate Student, Amanda Naaum receives grant to commercialize U. of G. technology
  • Dr. Andrew MacDougall featured in @Guelph
  • Dr. Jinzhong Fu and his graduate student Cameron Hudson appear in New Scientist
  • DNA Barcoder featured in @Guelph
  • Congratulations to Dr. Kevin McCann who has been elected as a Society Fellow at the Ecological Society of America
  • Congratulations to Tyler Flockhart, the recipient of the Middleton Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for 2012-2013. The IB Awards Committee was most impressed by the strength of this cohort of nominees, Kevan Berg, Rachael Derbyshire, Nick Jeffery, Natacha Kramski, Jose Maloles, Elizabeth Sears and Andy Turko and the Department would like to recognize their commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching at the University of Guelph.
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